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Editor's Note - news flashes related to this website (all notes since 2011)
16th January 2023:

If you regularly visit this website you will have observed that it uses two domains now, the new one being Please take this as an indication of something to radically change in the not-too-far-away future.

When I started the website, I gave it just one focus: amateur radio. Over the years, this had changed by also caring about gardening and photography, with the main focus still lying on amateur radio. The last complete revision took place in 2011. You should envisage a great change this year: for a couple of reasons I shall nearly completely give up the amateur-radio section and concentrate all my efforts on photography. In the course of time, even the appearance, the layout etc of the website will be solely adapted to this new and dominating subject; the pages and their layout will be stylisticly modernised. Being aware that this means a lot of work for me consuming a lot of time, maybe including a lot of inconvenience, I'd like to ask for your patience. After having changed everything planned, the domain will be given up. This could happen 2024 earliest. The Editor

13th September 2019:

Nothing new on the website? A lot of! I simply forgot to tell you or: there wasn't the time to tell you.

Have a look - with the speakers on - into the photographer's section and select "Blueten zum Traeumen". Even the introduction in German shouldn't discourage you from watching and listening to my first attempt in making a multimedia presentation. This time on flowers which should make you dream. Did they? The Editor

16th February 2019:

Much earlier than recently announced, the new website on Hallstatt, the famous village in the Dachstein region in Austria, has been uploaded. You'll find it in the  Gallery of the photo section. Have fun with this exhibition! The Editor

13th February 2019:

Revision of the amateur-radio part of the website has been done; I'll now continue with the photography section. The idea of a German version of Mygarden - at least for the nearer future - has been given up. I'm looking for a completely new concept, maybe combining the English and German versions. As the garden has considerably changed, there should also be new photographs replacing most of the old ones.

In April latest, the Gallery will surprise its guests with a new exhibition on travel photography. I have decided to publish an internet version of my picture book on the famous mountain village of Hallstatt in Austria. Texts are in German, but if you do not need an explanation, see the photos. Have a look from time to time; Hallstatt could be ready much earlier than foretold. The Editor

3rd January 2019:

Revision of the complete website has begun today and will be steadily continued. It has been started with the amateur-radio section. The Editor

6th December 2018:

A website needs revision from time to time. Things in this world use to change, become out-of-date or obsolete. Going through the pages, I feel it's about time to do it, probably starting with the amateur-radio section which shows the most changes. January (2019) seems to be a suitable month for a time-consuming business like that: no or little garden work to do, no suitable light for photography. A dull, wet month in this area.  Let's tackle it! The Editor

21st August 2017: 

 It had been necessary to cut down a complete row of trees in my garden. As a result of which more than a third of the garden has to be set out afresh. For this reason the web article on MyGarden in German will be delayed until autumn 2018 (earliest). The Editor

1st March 2017:

I haven't been sitting around doing nothing... I proudly present a completely new photo exhibition for you. Have a look in the photo menu. Comments on it are more than welcome...The Editor

25th February 2017:

For your information: all e-mail accounts using the are now definitively switched off. E-mails with old addresses will be bounced. Please make use of the above-mentioned e-mail address if you need quick response. The Editor

23rd February 2017:

'The new website is steaming ahead. Even a new guest book has been inserted, and seems to function. Only one item still missing in the photography section: MeinGarten, the German, but quite different version of MyGarden. The necessary photographs have yet to be taken - no good season for that... Let's wait till everything's in blossom and looking a bit more optimistic. One or the other photo exhibition will follow very soon, a small one on Den Gamle By will probably be the next one. Stay tuned! The Editor

31st January 2017:

The new site  is ON!  I hope you'll enjoy it...  The Editor

30th January 2017:

I'm extremely happy to be able to say: the revision and layout work on the existing webpages is done - much earlier than I had expected. I am now ready to start with the new webpages in the photography section. This will take time. The new pages will be uploaded page per page when they have been finished.  will be started on 1st February, 2017. You should have a look then... The Editor

28th December 2016:

I'm making good progress. index- and menu-pages ready for take-off. The layout work and some of the revision done for most of the amateur-radio pages. Amazing! Will focus my daily attention on the new website for the next two or three months. By the way, all e-mail-addresses with the will be switched off on January 1st. The Editor

7th December 2016:

Hurrah! Finally a new provider  found and a new domain registered. 1blu is the provider, and the name of the new domain is  derived from the verbal logo of the website: Hadi's Playground. The old webpage  will be deleted at the end of June 2017. Most of the new pages will probably be ready by May. I'll totally revise every page: layoutwise and contentwise. There will be new pages, several old ones will be withdrawn. All this will take time. Sorry for any inconvenience. The Editor

22nd August 2016:

Coming events cast their shadow before? Yes, they normally do. I feel it being necessary to change the provider of this website in July 2017: for reasons of too many mishaps in the email sector, deficitary support etc etc. This seems to be a perfect opportunity to also switch to a new domain. Although amateur radio still dominates my free time and is far from being given up - photography has more than made up ground. Heart-balm, as it were. If nothing else, this has a lot to do with the - in my eyes - frightening negative development amateur radio takes, especially as far as DX and CW are concerned. The present website does in no way reflect this change of paradigm. In a word, there will be - step by step - a new "Hadi's Playground" drawing a more accurate picture of what an eighty-year-old prat is thinking, planning and doing these days. The Editor

Work has already begun. Be curious!  The Editor

19th November 2015:

Revision and updating of the photography site has been completed. Other revisions will follow. The Editor

There seems to have been a hacking attack on the MOTIGO guestbook site. As I'm really fed up of these attacks, I'll kill all links to the MOTIGO site so that visitors cannot use the guestbook any more. I'm sorry about this, but I do not feel this to be extremely important. Please use e-mail communication instead. The Editor

17th January 2015:

Still on the run with the revision. MyGarden completely revised, many new pictures inserted, many old ones removed. Work will be continued. The same goes for Photogallery3. Older pictures replaced by new ones everywhere, even on the index page. DX is..., including the pdf-booklet for download, completely revised, also internet links checked, and expanded. Convince yourself! The Editor

Have become doubtful about the idea of a new photo exhibition. The idea is on hold, at least for the time being... The Editor

 6th January 2015:

What a remarkable year! This website becomes 10 years old in a couple of weeks, my amateur-radio license has been 60 years old yesterday, I'll be 80 years old later this year. Jubilees oblige, don't they? I feel something has to be done against all these tiresome aging processes. If not the person, at least the homepage needs some revision - so why not start with it right now! The Editor

Be patient: I'm an old man and no ICE, the revision can take a few months. Hopefully, it will make the website more attractive and readable, not only to me. Perhaps I can realise a few new ideas which are standing by in the pipeline. Namely a new photo exhibition, this time showing photographs which I myself have taken over many, many years. Maybe, it's my exhibitionistic vein that drives me...  The Editor

Sorry, in advance, for the inconvenience that may occur. Work in progress always takes a toll on the persons involved, you and me. Thanks! The Editor

5th January 2014:

The reorganised email-system is working fine again. The website anyroad... The Editor

Referring to a telephone call from a good old friend who doubted the whiskeys consumed on 31st December, I must concede that this remark was partly wrong. Due to a certain shortage of whiskey I finally had to content myself with a bottle of bilious green high-proof Absinth. What an awful taste! But it really helped me a lot in finding my way through the labyrinth... The Editor

31st December 2013:

The website was on the air again at about 1200z. Now start with re-organization of emails. Should be OK next year (after a dozen whiskeys) - hopefully! The Editor

 28th December 2013:

For a couple of reasons EVANZO has offered a new nameserver. It does not seem a bad idea to move - despite all the work of downloading, uploading etc. To kill two birds with one stone, I'll revise my and email systems, too. I hope the necessary actions to be taken will not lead to too much inconvenience for the users and to myself... The Editor

1st February 2013:

Most revisions done. Still looking for a suitable guestbook with no advertising pop-ups etc. Should be in English and German. The Editor

26th January 2013:

As a first step in the annual revision process, since yesterday this homepage is located on a new EVANZO nameserver which implies the use of several new features. Beyond this, with a second domain was set up. From now on mailing lists can (and will) be used. In the following weeks most of the different pages will be subject to extensive revision. A new guestbook (without any advertising) will be installed, etc. The Editor

28th May 2012:

There's a new page and topic, though only in German: "QADln Sie schon?" describing a completely new game for radio amateurs. Maybe, somebody, maybe myself, finds time for a translation into English. I hope people will have a lot of fun with the QAD game...  The Editor

1st February 2012:

The Logsearch for DJ2PJ (all QSOs since 2000) will be re-enabled today. It is not the old PHP-logserarch which - for still unknown reasons - did not function any more after changing the server. The log found a new home at It will be updated at least once per month. For the time being, there is no possibility to have a look at the logs of OHJWH or OHP. The Editor

26th January 2012:

The PHP problems could still not be solved. I re-activated the MOTIGO guestbook after giving it a new appearance (layout of header and footer). Tests showed that it works fine. The Logsearch, however, is still far from functioning. I'll try to write a PERL script to replace the PHP thing. If neither PERL nor PHP will  run on the EVANZO-server, I'll change the provider. The Editor

24th January 2012:

As my PHP-scripts do not function properly on the new server -  for reasons I was not not able to find out - , I have been forced to disable Logsearch and MyGuestbook. Please do not try to use them. The Editor

21st January 2012:

The complete homepage was down for more than 24 hours due to changing the server. The new server, still at EVANZO, is more powerful and more efficient. Maintenance of the website and of the e-mail business has become easier to handle. The Editor

The website is up and running again since 11:00z. A first check showed that everything seems to function alright. Further checks, in more depth, will be made in the afternoon. The Editor

17th January 2012:

A lot of necessary revision done: all links controlled and amended. Let's see how long they hold.... But still a couple of near-ready pages blocked.

My guestbook (by MOTIGO): I like the guestbook itself, I even like MOTIGO, but I really dislike their advertizing strategy with too many strange adverts popping up regularly  which are likely to scare away the readers of the website. Not so easy to find a new and powerful other PHP-script. Even tried a very comprehensive own one (which failed for whatever CHMOD reason). Finally, I discovered GBook by which I sort of fell in love with. Although still at work on it, it is ready to be used since today. Try it out, even if you just send me a very quick hello... I hope it's SPAM-proof and easy to administer.The Editor

12th March 2011:

A great part of the complete revision is done. Most of the pages concerned with photography are still untouched and will undergo revision in the next few weeks. MyGarden - probably the last in this row - will be made new from scratch. This affords time as there are hundreds of photographs which have the chance of being considered. The Editor

A guest book has been installed on the 11th of March on test basis. Should there be any inconvenience by SPAMs and a flow of messages with unwanted links etc as in the years before, the guest-book idea will not be continued. I invest a lot of confidence, however, in the fact that the new guest book is run by Motigo and not by myself. The Editor

25th January 2011:

This  website, first created in 2005, is momentarily subject to a complete and thorough revision, including web design. This will probably take a couple of weeks. I regret any inconvenience that may arise. The Editor


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